10 newbie tips for Jurassic World Evolution 2 you need to know


The sprawling Jurassic World Evolution 2 is now available, and players have learned how to tame their new dinosaurs. Tons of new features have been added to flesh out the functionality available, and favorite pets have been brought back as well.

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Following Evolution of the Jurassic World introduced two new types of dinosaurs: aquatic and avian. The game also has other features that build on and improve upon those from the first game, including new stores, new dinosaurs, new tools to use, and more. These features can also make the game more difficult for beginners. Fortunately, this list of tips should come in handy for anyone starting their career in managing a dinosaur park.

ten Know the different game modes

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Ichthyosaur

In Evolution of the Jurassic World, players now have different options to play the game: Campaign mode, challenge mode, sandbox mode and a new “chaos theory” mode.

Campaign mode takes players through a story of repairing different pre-existing parks, while the sandbox allows free construction of any park of their choice. Challenge mode, as the name suggests, is more difficult and can provide a new experience for seasoned players. The new Chaos Theory mode, meanwhile, introduces new scenarios based on scenes from the movies, with a “what if?” »Turn. Knowing the differences will allow the player to choose the type of game they want to play the most.


9 Park assessments

evolution of jurassic world 2 doors

Unlike most other building and management games including Evolution of the Jurassic World 1, the rating of the park is now based on only one thing: money. This game relies on the income of the park to create a note; nothing else is taken into account this time.

To get a four or five star rating, players will need to have a large, interesting park to attract tons of customers and a lot of money. The more money the player can earn, the higher the score.

8 Assign tasks to staff

jurassic world evolution 2 dinosaur by the water

A mistake that players often make is trying to take responsibility for themselves. Everyone’s been there, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Micromanagement is not ideal when it comes to a game as important as Evolution of the Jurassic world.

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Like other theme park simulators, there are types of personnel available to assist the player. Scientists will do the research and the rangers will fight over the cunning dinosaurs when the player is not looking. Plus, ranger posts can even be placed inside dinosaur habitats to ensure they get consistent records.

seven Roads stop overpopulation

Maaradactylus Jurassic World Evolution 2

Overcrowding becomes a real problem … in theme park management games. The tastes of Planet Zoo have features to add huge paths to accommodate the growing customer base, and Frontier’s new game is no different.

Guest comfort plays a role here, which means enough space to walk. It is recommended to sort the Structures search as soon as possible, to get the wide path construction option. This will mean less negative feedback from customers and increase satisfaction scores.

6 Understand the different types of guests

jurassic world evolution 2 t-rex

Just as in real life, Jurassic World theme parks can attract many different types of guests – in this case, four kinds. There are normal, non-specialist guests, as well as adventure, luxury, and nature-specific guests. Different types of people are brought in depending on what is placed in the park, from buildings and shops to attractions.

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The available stores have changed slightly – they now cater for different types of guests due to their product types. Some food stalls for example cater to a luxury audience, so be sure to check this out when building the park.

5 Build an emergency shelter

jurassic world evolution 2 mosasaurus

This one is pretty obvious. Please, for the safety of staff and guests, construct at least one emergency shelter. This is especially vital if the park is to be filled with large bloodthirsty beasts.

No matter how carefully a park is managed, things can go wrong. Let’s say a little Velociraptor comes out after a storm – so what? Humans are going to need a place to go, and the emergency shelter is the place of safety. Make sure you place it in a central location, so that everyone can reach it.

4 Choose scientists wisely


Scientists are a very important part of Evolution of the Jurassic World. Without them nothing new would be sought after, dinosaurs would not be created, and parks would be very boring.

There are different ways to hire scientists, and they all have practical features. Logistic, genetic, and well-being are the three skill classes that scientists can have. It is recommended to hire a range of scientists who can focus on different skills, rather than having each scientist with average abilities at all levels.

3 Don’t forget the power plants

Amargasaurus Jurassic World Evolution 2

Power is not bestowed by the universe in this game; rather, it must be paid for and created. For starters, players have a save generator, which unfortunately isn’t as good as it looks. They are very expensive and are not recommended for managing installations. However, keep one in case of an emergency.

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The back-up generator should first be used to power science facilities so that scientists can research an improved energy technology: power plants. Build them ASAP as they are much more efficient and don’t cost horrible amounts ($ 300,000) to complete.

2 The map is the key

Cryolophosaurus Jurassic World Evolution 2

It might sound very obvious, but don’t ignore the map. Use it. As well as showing the layout of the park and where each facility is located (which is admittedly more convenient in campaign mode than a sandbox), it can display a lot of useful information.

If a dinosaur escapes, it will appear on the map. Broken fences, equipment or facilities also appear, so the right teams can be dispatched as soon as they are physically able to rectify the issues. Used in combination with management tools, the map can even show where customers are and how they are doing.

1 Keep the dinosaurs happy

Mosasaurus Jurassic World Evolution 2

If there is a golden rule to play Jurassic World Evolution 2, That’s it: Dungeon. All. Dinosaurs. Happy. If their specific needs are not met, there will be blood.

Dinosaurs need to be well cared for fed, watered and housed in order to prevent them from trying to escape and demolish anything in their path. The right fence, neighbors, food, enrichment, and the environment are just a few factors that affect how dinosaurs feel. Adhere to their own wants and needs, and everything will be fine.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is available now on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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