10 forgotten video game genres we’d love to see return


The rise of the gaming industry has seen many new genres become relevant over the past decades. Currently, Steam offers over 500 different genres for players to identify and research, including recently formed genres such as Souls-Like and Battle Royale. While the constant expansion of genres is a good thing for the gaming industry, there are some genres that fall through the cracks.

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At one time or another, the ten games on this list were all in the spotlight of the gaming industry. Yet either because of the difficulty in adapting to modern times or because of the loss of People’s interest in what they had to offer, they were all sidelined for top-tier current genres like third-person action adventures and open-world RPGs. These ten genres still have tons to offer, which is why we hope they will one day see a resurgence.

Adventure Text

Zork Title Art

The fall of the text-adventure genre isn’t too surprisingly, as it’s not hard to see why someone prefers to play. The Witcher 3 as it is now, rather than presenting the game as text.

While text-based games are unlikely to return, it is possible that games with elements of text-based adventure will reappear. No code Untold Stories is a great example of how text-based adventure games can work today, while Galactic Cafe’s Stanley’s parable captured the essence of textual adventures in the form of an interactive story.

Point and click

Tentacle day

Point-and-click games were at the forefront of the gaming industry in the 90s, with titles like Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, and The secret of monkey island confusing players around the world with their brutally challenging puzzles.

Much like text-based adventures, point-and-click games have struggled to adapt to modern times. Additionally, many people were increasingly frustrated with the genre in the late 90s, because when it started to lose its relevance, the difficulty of games started to rise to frustrating levels as publishers hoped to sell their connection guides and helplines. to compensate for the drop in income. However, games like Kentucky Route Zero have proven that the point-and-click genre still has a place in modern gaming and can be successful without overly difficult puzzles.

Link to the film

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Harry, Ron and Hermione

Like the point-and-click genre, the movie-related genre has fallen out of favor with gamers, but now we’re sorely missed that it’s gone. Problems like this were obvious to see; the developers had to work under tight deadlines to make sure their game was released according to the corresponding movie, resulting in rushed products.

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While many games fall under the unfinished category, a few gems are enough to suggest that the genre may still thrive today. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, and King Kong were fantastic games that encapsulated the movies they were based on while still being a lot of fun to play.

Beat them

Golden Ax Sega Genesis Deathbringer Battle

The beat’em up genre of play was prevalent in the 1980s, especially in the five years following the 1987s. Double Dragon, which has become known as the “golden age” of the genre.

A few notable beat’em up games have been released in recent years, such as the reboot Battle toads and Dotemu Streets of Rage 4, who received a huge 87 Metascore on Nintendo Switch. 2020s Streets of Rage 4 naturally gave immense hope to beat fans that some of the game’s most ubiquitous publishers might try to capitalize on the game’s success.

Run and shoot

Contra Juggernaut Enemy being shot down

Another genre that dominated arcades and early versions of home consoles but hasn’t had much success since; Run and Gun games appealed to gamers who just wanted non-stop action in their games. LOSS (1993) and the FPS that followed took the place of the genre, but the success of Studio MDHR Cup head proved that it can still have its place in modern times.

There was a lot of hope from run and gun fans that Cup head would revive the genre once again, but unfortunately the success of the game has not been enough to entice other publishers to sign such games.


rollercoaster tycoon 3 complete edition - title art

Tycoon games like Roller coaster creator, Zoo Tycoon, and even licensed titles like Legoland were huge successes in the early 2000s. The games struck the perfect balance between detailed and layered gameplay, while still being extremely appealing to casual gamers.

There are still Tycoon titles coming out today, but games like Cities: horizons and Underside of planet struggled to appeal to a large audience. While the games are of good quality, they struggled to find the mix of complex yet enjoyable gameplay that made the Tycoon titles of the early 2000s special.

3D mascot platforms

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger - Ty on the Beach

3D mascot rigs are the most popular genre on this list today, but that’s mostly thanks to Mario carrying him almost alone on his back. It’s easy to forget how great the genre was; Throughout the ’90s, having a marketable mascot and placing it in a colorful platforming world was not only key to selling games, but consoles as well.

There are signs the genre could flourish outside of Mario, like the recent Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s Time was warmly greeted and even hinted at a return for Spyro the dragon. However, the 3D platformer genre still has a long way to go if it is to return to the forefront of gaming.

Unlicensed sports

Sega Soccer Slam - soccer gameplay

While it may seem like EA and 2K have dominated the sports genre forever, there was a time when their licensed games coexisted with many unlicensed sports games like Everybody’s Golf, SEGA Soccer Slam, and Tricky SSX. Unlicensed sports games are a fantastic alternative to licensed games, as they often favor pleasant gameplay over strict realism.

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Just like the last entry, Mario is an exception to the rule when it comes to unlicensed sports with its frequent games of tennis, golf and kart racing; but when you’re the biggest gaming mascot on the planet, you can do whatever you want.

Real time strategy

battle for middle earth

Company of Heroes, Total War, and Age of empires are just three of the many iconic real-time strategy genres that make it hard to understand why the genre has lost its relevance over the years. The genre has even proven to appeal to a large audience, with The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth series being a huge commercial success, showing that with the right marketing and the right intellectual property the genre can thrive.

The real-time strategy genre has carved out a niche in the mobile side of gaming in recent years, but a big comeback to the forefront of PC gaming still looks a bit far away.

Street runners

BURNOUT 3 TAKEDOWN - racing gameplay

Racing games are still alive and well today, with the Formula 1, FOrza Horizon and Dirt series’ still flourishing today. The Dirt franchising, in particular, is expected to gain in importance following the acquisition of Codemasters by Electronic Arts.

However, street racing fans can only watch other forms of racing games develop, such as a student in detention watching his friends having fun outside. Burnout and Nightclub These are just two of the street racing franchises that enjoyed huge success in the early 2000s, but haven’t had any new iterations of the main series in over a decade. There’s no reason the genre shouldn’t be successful in the 2020s, so hopefully a resurgence is imminent.

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