10 dead game genres that should resurface


What is popular and common in the gaming industry today may not be in the future. During the 90s to the mid-2000s, one couldn’t walk through a game store kiosk without seeing at least one cartoon platformer mascot on the cover. For many years, WWII was the default setting for all military-themed shooters.

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However, over time tastes changed and many genres were deemed no longer viable by some publishers. However, the success of crowd-funded games, such as broken age and A hat in time, shows that publishers are not always in touch with what consumers want. Some long-dormant game genres deserve another shot.

ten Fantastic pinball titled Out Of Existence

Cropped Metroid Prime Pinball

While many pinball-themed video games such as pinball dreams for the Commodore Amiga attempted to simulate the physics and rules of an actual machine, some titles took the concept to more extravagant settings and visuals.

Sega invoked nostalgic memories of its classic franchises with Sonic pinball party and pinball of the dead for the Game Boy Advance. Nintendo even brought Mario and Samus into the genre with Super Mario Pinball and Metroid Prime Pinball, respectively. Unfortunately, players might have a better chance of finding a real pinball machine than another fantasy pinball game.

9 Flight-based rail shooters haven’t taken off in years

Cropped Panzer Remake

Go back to the arcades with Sega’s space harrier, flight-based rail shooters have managed to find a resurgence in the 32-bit era. Unlike light shooters like virtual cop Where time crisis, flight-based rail shooters such as star fox and Panzer Dragoon Place players in command of an on-screen character and task them with shooting enemies and dodging projectiles.

Although recent efforts like Star Fox Zero and the Panzer Dragoon Remake didn’t exactly take off, Natsume’s success wild guns remake shows that there is still life in this genre.

8 Vehicle combat ended with a groan rather than a hit

Twisted Metal 2 on PS1

One of the first PlayStation franchises comes courtesy of David Jaffe with twisted metal. Despite poor development tests, the game became a commercial success and paved the way for other vehicular combat titles such as rogue trip and Watchful 8. twisted metal attempted a return for the PlayStation 3 but was met with much more mixed reception.

It’s a shame because with today’s graphics, controlling vehicular monstrosities and blasting enemies to smithereens would be technically and visually incredible. It’s hard to think of a better showcase of hardware than with destructible environments and vehicles.

seven Extreme Sports Destroyed in the Age of HD

SXX Tricky Cropped

Although the first two Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater titles received a remake not too long ago, those looking for extreme sports in their titles are still not satisfied. Professional BMX rider Dave Mirra lent his name to a series of hit games from now-defunct Acclaim. Nintendo and EA have responded to snowboarding fans with the 1080° and SSX games, respectively.

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However, during the HD generation, this genre seemed to wane. Despite new efforts like Skate throwing their boards into the ring, the Tony Hawk the franchise declined in sales and reviews, which could explain the genre’s demise.

6 Detective games got crushed

Under a murderous moon

While Frogwares returns to the genre with Sherlock Holmes chapter one, there aren’t enough games that put players in the role of a detective. Although mechanically similar to Graphic Adventures, titles like the tex murphy series and Thief tasked players with gathering clues, interrogating suspects, and narrowing down suspects based on the information gathered.

rock stars The black attempted to bring this formula into the modern age with its detailed facial animations, while Telltale flirted with the idea a bit in The wolf among us. The success of shows like boradchurch and real detective shows that there is a market.

5 Bullet Hell’s shooters seem

Shoot ’em ups such as space invaders and Galaga used to dominate in arcades, even before Nintendo’s famous mustachioed plumber entered the scene. Later entries would increase the number of projectiles and hazards players would have to avoid in what would be called the “bullet hell” genre.

As the industry shifted towards 3D action titles, the genre was relegated mostly to niche releases such as Square’s Einheinder for the original PlayStation. Treasure’s Ikaruga for the Dreamcast incorporated puzzle elements such as color-coded projectiles. While not unknown in the indie scene, he wasn’t the giant he was.

4 Some FMV games used actors to serve gameplay

FMV Gabriel Knight 2 The Beast in Conversation

Many titles using fullscreen video, such as Night Trap and double switch, were nothing more than fancy titles attempting to ape the movies. However, some titles have managed to incorporate live action videos into gameplay to great effect. Since the technology was so expensive, the performance had to be done all at once, which led to some weird performance.

However, graphic adventures such as Gabriel Chevalier and Zork Grand Inquisitor used live actors to enhance rather than interrupt the story and gameplay. Recent efforts such as Black mirror: Bandersnatch and Contradiction: Spot the liar! managed to find some critical acclaim.

3 Fantasy Flight Sims Stayed Grounded

While realistic flight simulators have continued to soar, those set in the realm of fantasy are still sadly entrenched. LucasArts took off in a World War II setting with Secrets of the Luftwaffe and a very distant galaxy with the X-wing and tie fighter Games.

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Speaking of which, Origin Systems managed to get Mark Hamill into the cockpit with Wing Commander III and IV. Factor 5 Thieves Squadron titles allowed players to re-enact their favorite dogfights from the star wars movies and even added some original missions.

2 Realistic platformers have yet to take action

While anime platform titles such as Crash Bandicoot and Psychonauts have made a recent resurgence, more realistic platformers akin to grave robber and Prince of Persia sorely lacking. Assassin’s Creed may be Ubisoft’s source of income, but it owes its entire existence to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Not only did the two titles share the same director in Patrice Désilets, but the original Assassin’s Creed was intended to be a prequel entry called Prince of Persia: Assassins. the Unexplored The series has somewhat filled that particular niche, but it would be great to have another title that focuses entirely on the parkour platform.

1 Rhythm games have gone silent

Parappa PS4 Cropped

The 32-bit era introduced many new genres such as Survival Horror, 3D fighters, and music-based rhythm games. sony Parappa the rapper for the PlayStation is widely credited with starting the genre. Other studios such as Konami and Harmonix have introduced special peripherals into the scene with dance dance revolution and Guitar Hero, respectively.

While those plastic pads and guitars might break the bank, they helped sell the fantasy of being a rock star. Sadly, music games have gone quiet in recent years. Their disappearance is a shame considering that music never goes out of style.

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